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There are a lot of Beatley-related people that fans have issues with. I have found that most fan-issues have something to do with Heather Mills, Yoko Ono, and Pete Best.


Heather Mills

Okay, A Lot of people have problems with Heather Mills because of her being younger than Paul and all that and I must admit that i was one of these people...but after watching the "Back In The U.S." DVD and seeing how they get a long and how happy they are together...she sort of grew on me.

Pete Best
Pete Worst! I don't like this one either. The grudge wasn't so bad until i've recently read that he called the one and only Ringo Starr TALENTLESS!!! Excuse me but look who this is coming from! That would be like having The beach Boys saying that The Beatles were talentless. I put Pete Best On the same shelf as the Beach boys. The very bottom. Ringo Forever, Pete Best Never!!!

To learn more about Pete Best and The Beginnings of The Beatles go to

Yoko Ono
Yoko On-no! is what most people think of when they think of Yoko. Now I really can't see a reason why! She made John happy and that should be enough reason for you all to like her. Yes she is/was a little on the odd-side but that's just another reason to like her. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks. She's got her own mind! Everytime I ask the question "Why do you hate Yoko?" I get the same answer every time, "She broke up The Beatles." I am sick and tired of this one too! That is certainly giving her a lot of power! Blame The Beatles for their break-up because they wanted it. As I was saying before, Yoko isn't such a blue meanie after all but many people think she is...i can't change everyone's mind but there's something to chew on.

To Learn more about Yoko go to