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By Popular demand we present to you, the PATTIE PAGE!
Well...not really by popular demand but just me and someone else! (thank you Damian!)
So without further adieou...HERE"S PATTIE!

Pattie was a model, an actress, and the wife of a Beatle.
She was George's first wife.
  They met on the set of "A Hard Day's Night" where George immediately became fascinated with her.
  They fell in love and married January 21, 1966.
  When George started to become swept up in Hare Krishna, Pattie did not share the same feelings.
  Here, their relationship started to die.
 George cheated on her a few times with some "Apple Scruffs" but Pattie stayed loyal.
  Finally she got so angry she decided to make a pas at George's best friend, Eric Clapton.

Later at the Starr's house (Ringo and Maureen) a drunken George admitted that he had a slight crush on Maureen and suggested to exchange wives for the evening.
  Pattie crying in the bathroom, decided to do what she wanted.
  She again picked up her modeling career and had a brief affair with Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.

In 1973 George and Pattie decided to split.
  Two years later she married Eric Clapton.
  The same old housewife routine, and Clapton's affairs had drove Pattie into drinking.
  He had two children with other women.
  Pattie was unable to have any children.
By 1985 She'd had enough.

Pattie is now living happily with Rod Weston whom she married in 1991.


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