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About us...

A Couple Of People Have Asked About Us Here At the Garden. After 2 Websites And Now Starting A third Why Haven't We Talked About OURSELVES At All?...Becasue Frankly Besides No One Being Interested We Didn't Think About It Until Now! But Here Is A Litle Something About Each One Of Us Here At The Garden And Some Other Important People In Our Lives That Made All This Possible!

Snappy Harrison

Above Is A Picture Of Myself And The Man That Started It All, Ashley Ira Jarvis Clark (of the CLARK FAMILY ECPERIENCE).

I am Snappy Harrison or Sadhika Devi Dasi Or Amanda Or whatever you would like to call me (just don't call me latte for dinner haha). I was born on February 14th, 1989 *Valentine's Day*!

I have liked this band they call the CLARK FAMILY EXPERIENCE for about 3 years now and have gone to 4 of their concerts. I call Ashley the man that started it all because he is the reason I really even discovered who The Beatles were after all. At the second concert of theirs that I attended Ashley sang "Yesterday". I immediately fell in love with the song and had to know more.

So naturally since my Grandfather seems to know everything about music I asked him about it. He had Some Beatles records and showed them to me. My first reaction was "Wow! They're REALLY cute!" Then he played "Yesterday" for me and hearing Paul McCartney sing it for the first time was an AMAZING experience! Well, two Clark concerts ago Angel and I had asked Alan if Yesterday was on the play list for the night. He said they would play it for me if tmime allowed and unfortunately it didn't. But at this last concert i was at they played it and Alan just smiled at us. I was just like "OH MY GOSH!" I couldn't help but be so excited. But as soon as Ashley started his solo the tears started flowing. It was truly beautiful...Ok that's MY "Yesterday" story. I thought since Paul had one I could share mine too!

Any road, I love the Beatles because as I mentioned before they are so darn cute and EXTREMELY talented. My favorite Beatle would have to be George. He's just amazing...talented...and he's such a cutie!

More About me...I play the Fiddle, and Keyboard. Other bands I like...the list could go on and on...but to name a few...John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr(as Beatles and as solo artists) Julian Lennon, The Kinks, Tony Sheridan, The Monkees, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, (Obviously I LOVE the Wilburys), the CLARK FAMILY EXPERIENCE, Rascal Flatts, Marshall Dyllon...etc.!

"If You Don't Know Where You're Going, Any Road Will Take You There..."-George Harrison ANY ROAD (from his beautiful parting gift the BRainWASHED CD)

Angel Starkey

Gee-Whiz, Amanda, Give Me Some Room On The Page Will Ya! Ha Ha! Anyways, up there is a picture of Me (Angel) and Adam Malcolm Charles Clark (another of the clark brothers).

I started liking the Beatles after Amanda got her first Beatle cd for Christmas, '1', and played it constantly. It was a little annoying at first but then I started to like it too. Now am just another "BeatleNerd"!

My favorite Beatle would have to be Ringo! He's got the cutest neb! And he's soo talented! He really knows how to hit them buggers! Other bands I like...RASCAL FLATTS, MARSHALL DYLLON, the Traveling Wilburys, and THE CLARK FAMILY EXPERIENCE!

"I Think Therefore I Rock 'n' Roll"~Ringo Starr

To See More Of The Penguins as Beatles go to http://octopusgarden.4mg.com/photo4.html

About The Clarks

We Mentioned The Clarks an Awful Lot On This Page and Decided To Put A Few More Pictures Of Them On Since We Have Adam and Ashley On Here!

(Left To Right: Adam, Austin, Ashley, Andrew, Alan, and Aaron.)

(Left To Right: Austin, Ashley, Adam, Alan, Aaron, and Andrew.)

To Find Out Even More About The Clarks...visit out Clark Boys Site!
Clark Boys!